Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Planning Monday: 02/08/2010

It's been a long day already and it's only a little after two in the afternoon! Baby D woke up at five this morning, jumping around in his bed and 'talking'. It was cute, but, while he wanted to play, I wanted to get his diaper changed and back in bed, so we compromised. He was changed and had a cup of milk, then went back to sleep. I got a bit more rest before having to take the girls to school, so I feel a lot better than I would if I'd been up since five in the morning!

Since Baby D is sleeping, I thought I would sneak on here and post my weekly menu. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are for the kids only. Here it is in all it's glory.

Feel free to click on the links for the recipes. :-)


Breakfast - Cereal, 1/2 banana, milk

Lunch - Chicken Nuggets, peas, mixed fruit

Dinner - Meatloaf, potatoes, roasted green beans, rolls

Snack - Cheddar Crackers, Juice (1/4 juice and 3/4 water for Baby D)


Breakfast - Whole wheat bagel, cream cheese, apple slices, milk

Lunch - Fish sticks, carrots, pretzels, milk

Dinner - Baked Chicken, cheddar jack mac, mixed veggies

Snack - String cheese, juice


Breakfast - French Toast, eggs, watermelon slices, milk

Lunch - Turkey sandwich, applesauce, celery, milk

Dinner - Pinto beans, cornbread, fried potatoes

Snack - Banana nut muffins, pears, milk


Breakfast - Blueberry pancakes, grapes, milk

Lunch - Leftovers, peaches

Dinner - Burritos, rice with veggies

Snack - Yogurt, Fig Newtons, milk


Breakfast - Oatmeal, orange slices, milk

Lunch - Grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, pears, milk

Dinner - Pork chops, corn casserole, broccoli with cheese

Snack - Jello, animal crackers, milk


Breakfast - Cinnamon rolls, hash browns,1/2 banana, milk

Lunch - Pasta with meatballs, corn, watermelon

Dinner - Chili with crackers

Snack - Yogurt, granola bar, juice


Breakfast - Ham slices, eggs, buttermilk biscuits, pears, milk

Lunch - Leftovers, mixed fruit

Dinner - Chicken Alfredo, salad, garlic bread

Snack - Celery, peanut butter, milk

Please check out other great menu plans at Menu Plan Mondays!

Note: I've uploaded a blank weekly menu document for you to use. It looks like the picture below.

Weekly Menu.pdf


For Their Future said...

Hey! Visiting from Menu Plan Monday!
What a great menu! Really like the menu document you shared too!
God bless!

Tara said...

I'm glad that you liked it!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


Tami said...

Your weekly menu looks great! I'm going to use your recipe for mac n cheese tomorrow. Thanks!

Laura said...

Welcome to MPM!! Love the menu planner and your shoes :)

Tara said...

Thanks so much Tami and Laura.

Tami - I hope your family enjoyed the cheddar jack mac!

Laura - I'm glad you liked the shoes and planner! I'm a shoe fanatic lol

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