Friday, August 14, 2009

Steps 8-11: Home Management Journal

In Step 7 of making the Home Management Journal we started working on our weekly plan. Step 8 is to figure out what day is errand day. My errand day is Tuesday since I make my menu's on Monday. That way I can get to the grocery store and get any other errands such as appointments or paying bills out of the way. Also, you can get all of your running done in one day (if possible!), leaving the other days free.

For Step 9 suggests to clean out your purse, file any receipts, clean out the vehicle, and plan a date with your special someone. On Fridays, I wash the dog, clean out the van, file receipts, and wash the dog bowls and her bedding. This is along with my other daily tasks. I try to plan dates with Hubby, but it really depends on what his work schedule is like.

Step 10 is just a reminder to add menu planning on the day before your errands and to remember to add Clean out the refrigerator on that day, too. Monday is my menu planning, and fridge cleaning day, however, yours can be whatever day of the week is best for you. I also make my grocery list on that day to make things simpler.

Oh and don't forget to have a calendar! A wall calendar, planner, or whatever is best for you is wonderful! That way all your family members know what's going on for the week. I print one out for each month and it's the first page in my Home Management Journal. Hubby and the kiddos can look in there and see what we've got planned. I do keep a large planner with me, too, so I can pencil in each days activity at the right time.

Step 11 is getting a grocery list example if you need one. Pretty simple. I generally just look at my menus and write down what I will need after perusing my cabinets. I'm including two grocery lists for you to use if you need them. They are basic forms from MSWorks and MSWord. Feel free to use them if you need to.

That's it for now. I've not been doing the daily Home Management Journal entries and decided to combine them all since these were so easy to do. However, if you'd like, I can start posting daily again. Just let me know!

Grocery List 1

Grocery List 2

Have a great day!


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