Monday, December 14, 2009

We're here!

We're moved in! For the most part, anyway. We've still got some clothing and other items to move over, but all of our large items have been moved and a big chunk of our clothes. I've not done much decorating (the walls are still bare) but I'm getting there. I'm so excited! I also have to give HUGE applause to my husband who did so much this past week. He moved a large chunk of items by himself and made do with my help for the rest. I thank him because he alternately encouraged and annoyed me enough to not give up when moving those large items was tough. The stairs were difficult to maneuver and I'm no Hulk, that's for sure. I have sore muscles where I didn't even know I had muscles (well, actually, I did, thanks anatomy and physiology class!) and I'm bruised in the weirdest places. But, we are so close!

I've got a few pictures to share. Here is part of the living room (along with Hubby on the laptop). Remember it's not completely finished and I'm not really sure if I'm going to keep the furniture where it's at.

Next is Ems' room. She loves it.

Finally is Alex and Cami's room. They ADORE it. It's not completely decorated, but it's coming along nicely.

Once I get my room set up, I'll share pictures. I can't seem to get good ones of our bathrooms, but they look great! BTW, having two bathrooms is SUCH a blessing! I was actually able to sleep in some today because I didn't wake up when the girls were bickering in the bathroom. In the old place the (one!) bathroom was beside our room and, strangely enough, only one of the bedrooms had vents for air and heat in them (ours did not), so we had to keep the door opened. We were woken up countless times. So, it was definitely nice to NOT hear them. Also, they made their beds and cleaned up the bathroom before leaving for school. I'm so proud! Even Ems tried. She just covered her pillow with the comforter and shoved clothing in the closet. I went in after they were done and fixed everything up. I suppose it's time to update my schedules and Optimus Prime!

Here is Baby D and I sharing breakfast at the new place. I just woke up, can't ya tell?

Have a wonderful day!


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