Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Speech Therapy

I had a meeting today at Ems' school. She's been working on her speech since kindergarten I believe, but they haven't put her in Speech Therapy yet, which has bothered me. She tried to talk too quickly and has problems with her S's and combinations of S's.

The meeting went quickly, however, her teacher was there and I got to hear a lot of stuff about Ems. Apparently, she hasn't been bringing her backpack and planner to school because she said she lost it. However, she's been telling us that she has been leaving her homework and planner at school. Her teacher and I had a great conversation and we are going to set up a homework paper that I sign when it's completed and she signs when Ems turns it in. Hopefully that will help with the homework situation.

Once at home, I found her backpack with no problem. I don't know how she could say it was lost since it was in the living room. Anyway, while going through it, I noticed a horrendous odor. I don't know how we missed it before. I figured out that it was Ems' backpack. Apparently, she had put a carton of chocolate milk in there last Friday and left it. It had spilled and created a mess, which smelled terrible, and there was mold on her backpack. Ugh! It was gross. I threw her backpack and binder away (it smelled too) and got her a new one. We have so many backpacks in this house it's just mind boggling. Ems cried because she wanted THAT backpack, but it was too late. She got a stern talking to about putting stuff like that in her backpack and about drinking chocolate milk, which she is NOT allowed to have, due to caffeine and sugar.

It's been one of those days, people. I hope yours is better!


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