Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Swine Flu has Invaded our House!

I had to pick up Cami up from school on Tuesday. She was running a low grade temp, had a headache, and her throat was sore. Her fever rose to 101.6 after awhile and I gave her Tylenol to lower it, which it did. There was no way to get her into the doctor, we had to wait until Wednesday to get her in. Sure enough, she tested positive for H1N1. Poor thing. She's being kept isolated from the rest of us and I feel so sorry for her. She has to wear a mask when she comes out of her room to go to the bathroom. We're bringing all her meals, meds, etc to her. I can't wait til Sunday or Monday so that she can come out. The doctor said that she could go back to school on Monday, but it's been canceled until Wednesday due to absenteeism. Apparently there are approximately 130 students absent and 98 confirmed cases of swine flu.

Wish us luck!


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