Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Picture Surprise

Angie, from Pigpen to Paradise, started Saturday Picture Surprise and I wanted to join in. Each week she picks a random month and year, along with picture # for you to post on your blog. Sounds like fun, yes? I can only go back so far since this is my newest pc. The other one blew up after an ice storm last year. It was a real pain in the rear and I was without the internet for awhile, since my husband had messed up the laptop. Luckily, we got our seven year old pc out of the closet, hooked it up, and it ran perfectly, albeit a little slow...okay A LOT of slow. It would freeze while if I was attempting to do to many things at one time, which was the norm. However, it's proven to be an excellent computer, so I would recommend Compaq to anyone. We did end up fixing the laptop (it only needed to have everything reinstalled) and getting this pc, however, the Compaq has not been relegated to the closet. We decided to give it to the girls, with NO internet, so they can write papers for school or play games. I'm hoping it will last them many years.

I have digressed, as usual. Back to Saturday Picture Surprise. This week's random picture is from May 2009, # 7. Here it is, a picture of Cami and Ems acting silly in their bedroom.


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