Monday, August 10, 2009

Step 6: Home Management Journal

Hey guys! I took a break from blogging and the internet in general to spend time with my family. Nate works odd hours and was off for several days in a row and this was the girls' first weekend off from school, so I thought that some family fun time was needed! It was relaxing and entertaining. Did you know that a six year old girl can stuff four pieces of sliced cheese in her mouth and not choke? I found that out this weekend. Interesting information, yes?

Anyway, back to the Home Management Journal. says, for Step 6, "We are still working on our Basic Weekly Plan. Do not get hung up in your perfectionism and try to do too much.

With our system we will never have to spring clean again, but here is how we accomplish the detailed cleaning weekly so things never look awful.

We simply do Kelly's Zone Mission for the day.

So on Monday-Friday of your Basic Weekly Plan put; do Kelly's Zone Mission for the

day. After five days of missions you have spent only a few short minutes a day and the accumlative effect is a home that hugs you. All of this fits together nicely.

Have you done Kelly's Mission for today? They are posted on our website every day. ."

So, today check out the cleaning missions and make sure that is part of your routine. Have you done your zone mission for the day?


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