Friday, October 9, 2009

To-Do List for 10/9/2009

My To-Do List 10/9/2009

  • Vacuum/clean all carpets DONE!
  • Clean living room furniture, wash all bedding, spray mattresses Lysol (my grandmother always did this and it stuck) DONE!
  • Wash all rugs and dog's bedding DONE!
  • Scrub linoleum and baseboards in kitchen DONE!
  • Typical daily kitchen cleaning (sink is shiny, dishes are done except breakfast) MOSTLY DONE
  • Dust all rooms DONE!
  • Get new curtain rod to replace living room curtain that Baby D tore down
  • Fold ALL laundry (I've been remiss on that!) DONE!
  • Scrub tile and floors in bathroom DONE!
  • Typical daily bathroom cleaning DONE!
  • make sure Baby D and Ems have clean bedrooms (vacuum, dust, etc)
  • Flea bath, flea treatment, and flea collar for Hana DONE!
  • Run to Wal-Mart for dog food along with flea shampoo, collar, and treatment DONE!
  • Typical daily cleaning of all rooms


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