Friday, October 9, 2009

Fleas, and cleaning, and schoolwork, oh my!

Today is a major cleaning day for two reasons. First, the dog has fleas, so I am washing all of our rugs and her bed in hot water and drying, and I'm cleaning the carpets in all rooms. I'm also cleaning the furniture, even though she isn't allowed on them. Who knows where those fleas and eggs could have ended up after falling off the dog. Poor Hana is stuck in her crate until I get all of this done, along with her clean up, which includes a flea bath and a flea collar. Poor baby hates taking a bath, too. I had already given her a "regular" bath and added a flea treatment to no avail, so I am going all out. We had the same problem late last summer, so all of this should work.

The second reason it's a major cleaning day is because my mom is coming up here tomorrow with the older girls. So, I want the place to look spectacular. I'm scrubbing all the tile and linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom by hand, along with doing some other major cleaning. I never did get the girl's closet cleaned out, but I can do that next week with Nate's help.

I have to get all of this done while writing two papers, one of which is due on Sunday by midnight and the other is due on Monday by midnight. I've already written one paper this week. I am stressed! I have two midterms next week and one final and I'm wondering when I will have time to study! One of the classes that I have a midterm is Anatomy & Physiology, so it's imperative that I make an excellent grade in there. I'm so nervous! I have a pretty good short term memory, but I'm not sure how this will work out with me having to study for so many classes next week. Ahhhh!

Anyway...I know I haven't been writing much, school has been taking a lot of my time. However, I'm determined to get everything worked out so that I have time for everything. Except maybe sleep, but I'm still young, I can take it. Four hours of sleep? biggie.

Have a great day everyone! There is more to come, I promise! Especially on that Home Management Journal, which I have completed (mostly), woohoo!


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