Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Step 5: Home Management Journal

Step 5

The next step for the Home Management Journal is pretty easy. Take a sheet of paper and put the days of the week on it. FlyLady suggests:





Friday Date Night

Saturday Family Fun Day

Sunday Renew your spirit day

This is the set up for your basic weekly plan. The rest will be filled in during the next step. Flylady suggests that we go about this slowly so that we don't get too frazzled and want to quit. I think this is an excellent idea. I tend to do a lot for a couple of weeks, then get tired of it and stop. That's how my house turns chaotic and I've got to stop that. By just doing simple steps, one at a time, I can build up to a larger, more complex routine.

So, be thinking about what you would do when. You've seen my basic Weekly Routine. There are some weeks that I deviate from it, depending upon what's going on. So, remember, it doesn't have to be exact, it just needs to give you a plan.

Also, I have a Weekly Checklist that I've uploaded. Feel free to use it if you need to. I made this on MSword, but I got the information from FlyLady.net.


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