Saturday, August 1, 2009

Step 3: Home Management Journal

Step 3

According to, the next page in the Home Management Journal is the Morning Routine. She says to keep it simple and the example she gave was this:

1. Get out of bed and hit the ground FLYing!

2. Make the bed.

3. Get dressed to shoes: Shower, fix hair and moisture or make-up

4. While in bathroom; Swish the toilet and wipe down the counters and put things away. Swish and Swipe is what I call it.

5. Empty the dishwasher

6. Check Calendar for appointments

You can add more as you see fit. She says at the bottom to add WHAT A WAY TO START MY DAY!!! Sounds good, yes? You guys have seen my Morning Routine and I've added a few things that personalize it, however, the information that FlyLady gives you is good enough at first, if that's what you prefer. I keep this in a sheet protector and that helps, especially since the kids look in the book to see what's going on. Don't forget to put this in your Home Management Journal under "Daily Routines."

I've added a pdf file with my morning routine if anyone wants to have a look. Feel free to use it if you like, just be sure to not say it's your own and give credit if you use it anywhere on the net.

I hope everyone's weekend is great!

Morning Routine.pdf


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