Friday, August 21, 2009

School Days are around the corner.

I've been slacking off people! With school coming up, I've been studying quite a bit. The school is very competitive in this program and I have to do my absolute best to even warrant a spot. So, I'm nervous and worried. Does studying before school even starts make me a nerd? Hahah. ;-)

I'm taking four classes this semester, just as I did last semester (summer), however, these classes, with the exception of one, are all 16 week courses instead of 8 weeks like they were in the summer. That gives me some breathing room. Also, only one of the classes that I'm taking this semester is a prerequisite for the program, so I can put most of my attention into that class. I still aim to make A's in all my other classes, but if I do mess up and make a B, it won't shoot down my chances of getting into the program. Plus, one of the classes isn't even a general education requirement; I'm taking it to learn something that I feel is useful in my profession. I'm extremely excited about that class, since it's kind of a 'fun' class for me.

So far, this is my schedule:

  • Anatomy and Physiology I - the pre-req class that I HAVE to make an A in.
  • Lifespan Development
  • Intro to Interpersonal Communications
  • Basic Insurance and Medical Coding

The Lifespan Development class was interesting to me since I plan to work in Neonatal Care/NICU department. I'm very interested in learning about all the phases that we go through in life. I've been reading through the book. It's really interesting.

Intro to Interpersonal Communications should be a pretty easy class. I just finished English and I did great in that, so I'm not too worried about Comm. I am dreading writing even MORE papers, though. I'll be writing them in the spring semester, too, since I'm taking Technical Writing, then. After that, I'm finished with all writing classes for my general education requirements, though I may take a creative writing class for 'fun'.

The Basic Insurance and Medical Coding class is the one that isn't required and the only class that I'm taking on campus. I'm really looking forward to it and I've been playing around with all the software that came with the books. I figured that learning all I can about insurance and coding will help me, no matter what I choose to do. There is always a need for someone who knows what their doing in that field.

I'm really nervous about APHY101, though. I absolutely, no doubt about it, have to excel at that class and I'm worried! I've heard that it's really tough. I'm also taking it online, which should help me because I do better with online classes. I can study and work on my time and not have to worry about being at a certain place at a certain time. I'm not good with that. It helps that I can work online when Baby D is napping and when the kids have gone to bed for the night. I just have to add all that into my daily routine.

I hope everyone is doing well! I'll be back to adding more next week. I'm just having a bit of a stress fit due to school. Wish me luck!


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