Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Deed of the Day: Cell Phones for Soldiers

Cell Phone for Soldiers is an organization that takes your old cell phones, gives them to a company who, in return, gives prepaid cell phone minutes to soldiers abroad. The organization was started by 2 teenagers and they hope to raise more money in the next five years so that the soldiers serving our country can have video phones to speak with their families.

I urge you, please donate one of your old cell phones. We have three lying around here in the drunk drawer and I plan to send all of them. You can go to the website and they give you a postage paid shipping label that you can print, so sending it is free. However, by paying for your own postage, you can help the program save money and apply it toward more minutes for a soldier. Money can also be donated in lieu of a cell phone. Our soldiers are away from their families and need all the help they can get to keep in touch with them.

Have a great day, everyone and be sure to count your blessings!


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