Friday, July 31, 2009

Step 2: Home Management Journal

Hello! Did you get all your supplies ready to start your Home Management Journal? They can just be things you have lying around the house. I had to get dividers and sheet protectors but everything else I had around here. Remember I'm still adding to my journal, too! I'll give you the information for step 2 from, then I'll tell you what I have in mine so far. Sound good?

Step 2

These are the dividers for your control journal. As you progress through the 15 steps, you will gradually fill each section of your control journal. Remember: baby steps and keep it simple!

  1. Daily Routines and Reminders: all your daily routines: Morning, Afternoon, Before Bed, etc. (FlyLady uses a yellow divider)
  2. Basic Weekly Plan: many of you have not developed a Basic Weekly Plan yet. No problem, just have a sheet of paper labelled for each day of the week. (FlyLady uses a blue divider)
  3. Zones: this is where you will put your detailed cleaning list for each zone (5 different colored sheets). Go to the FlightPlan to refer to FlyLady's detailed cleaning lists.
    1. Zone 1: Entrance and Dining Room
    2. Zone 2: Kitchen
    3. Zone 3: Bathroom and one other room
    4. Zone 4: Master Bedroom
    5. Zone 5: Living Room

  1. Menus & Grocery List
  2. Emergency Numbers
  3. Address Book (ABC dividers)
  4. Personal (FlyLady uses pink)
  5. Then some blank dividers for your own sections.

In my Home Management Journal (called Optimus Prime aka The Book of Knowledge...the kids loved that!), I have the following sections:

  1. Calendar and Emergency Numbers (police, fire, 911, Hubby's cell and work, nearby relatives numbers and neighbors)
  2. Daily Routines (daily schedule, morning, afternoon, nighttime, and my weekly plan)
  3. Menus and Recipes
  4. Cleaning (the FlyLady Eleven Commandments, my weekly checklist, and he FlyLady detailed cleaning list)
  5. Budget and Bill Pay
  6. Contacts (relatives, friends, neighbors, kids friends and their parents)
  7. A section each for all four kids which has their school schedules, copy of immunization records (no SS#'s!) and personal chore charts)

As I go I will add more. I also have several templates for chore charts, cleaning lists, and budgeting that I can upload if anyone is interested. Just let me know!

FlyLady's Detailed Cleaning Lists.


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