Friday, April 9, 2010

Laundry Room Transformation!

Okay, I have to admit this is pretty embarrassing for me and I can't believe that I'm posting it, but I want to show that YES, it can be done! Between 4 kids, a husband, and 4 college classes, I managed to do this. I'm also posting this so that those of you who may have messy rooms know that it's OKAY and that it can be cleaned and taken care of.

The laundry room has always been the messiest room in the house and it got even worse when we moved. When we moved into the new place, I decided that I was going to wash every article of clothing that all six of us owned so that they would smell fresh and clean. It took me awhile, but I managed. are the results!

This is how it looked when I took the first picture. It was worse than this, but I had done a little clean up. I'm cringing in embarrassment, seriously.

Here is the in between picture. It's already looking better.

And, here is the finished product. I'm so happy with it! I want to add a few more things, like a cart with drawers to put supplies, but I'll do that later. That box is a storage box for cords, etc, and we have no room in the storage building for it, so I guess it stays in the laundry room for now. Doesn't it look 20x better, though???

Yes, I'm still blushing with embarrassment over my laundry room. However, it's been a couple of weeks and it still looks like it did in the pics, woohoo!

Have a great day!


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