Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tasty Treat Tuesday: Hot Fudge Cake

I've been craving chocolate lately, especially my favorite childhood treat: hot fudge cake. When I was younger, my mom and I would go out to dinner every so often with my grandparents and my uncle. We always went to a local restaurant called Western Sizzlin' and my uncle almost always got a hot fudge cake that he shared with me. It's definitely a fond memory and HFC is still one of my favorite desserts (along with chocolate no-bake cookies whose recipe I will post soon).

I haven't made this dessert in awhile, so I don't have any pictures, but I'm making it tomorrow for dinner, so I will update then with plenty of pictures. This recipe is quick, easy, and very rich.



1 box Pillsbury Devil's Food cake mix (with pudding)

1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

16 oz jar Hershey's hot fudge topping

Vanilla Ice Cream


Whipped Cream


1. Make the cake mix according to directions, stir in chocolate chips, then bake according to directions on box. When it's finished, let it cool completely.

2. When cool, cut cake into squares, then cut them in half. Spoon ice cream onto bottom half and put the top back on.

3. Microwave hot fudge according to directions, then pour/drizzle a small amount over the top of the cake and ice cream. Add the whipped cream and a cherry if you like (I do the whipped cream, but no cherry).



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