Friday, March 12, 2010

Decorating on a Budget: A Teen's Bedroom

Ems lost the other tie back, so I had to leave the curtains down...darn it!

When we moved into this new apartment, we decided that Alex and Cami would share a room that was bigger and had a huge walk-in closet, while Ems would get the smaller, front bedroom off the living room. This was mostly because Nate and I spend a lot of time in the living room after the girls go to bed and Ems can sleep through anything (she slept through an earthquake!). However, the bedroom situation isn't working out. One preteen (almost teen) girl and one teenage girl cannot share a room, at least in my house. Alex and Cami are constantly at each other's throats, so Nate and I thought that we would separate them and give Alex the front bedroom with Ems moving in with Cami.

So far, this is working out well, except that most of the furniture we had for that room wasn't really something for an older girl. Ems had pink, flowery, girlish bedroom items and Alex wasn't going for that. However, Alex couldn't bring the zebra comforter and sheet set from the other room because it matched Cami's and the room. Also, there was no headboard for the twin bed and the furniture consisted of an armoire and a computer cart/TV stand. It just wasn't enough.

So, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a comforter set for $30.00 and my mother, God bless her, bought a dresser to go in the room. We moved the armoire to the back of Cami and Ems' closet (like I said, it's HUGE) and moved the dresser in. However, the room still felt incomplete; it just needed something.

While going through Ems closet and the armoire, I had bags of clothing that no longer fit her or, if they were too large, she would never wear, so I packed them into the van to drop them off at the local Goodwill store. Most of the items were like new and what wasn't was still in great condition (my uncle's wonderful, wonderful wife gives the girls lots of clothes, she is amazing) and I know that I'm always tickled pink when I find stuff like that while browsing the aisles. Anyway, I digress; I dropped the bags off and planned to go straight home, but decided at the last minute to go inside and look around. I wasn't really searching for anything in particular, I just wanted to look at house stuff. Imagine my surprise when I found a wood twin sized headboard with a shelf for...$15.00! I was ecstatic and bought it immediately!

We brought it home in the van (Bless Alex for helping me carry that thing up the stairs), set it up, and it looks amazing! It's a tiny bit darker than the wood on the dresser, but its not noticeable unless you're looking for something to complain about. We moved the bed 90 degrees and now Alex's room looks awesome! We also figured out that we have enough room in there to place an old desk we have, so we're going to paint it white (the dresser is white and maple) and put it in there for her to do homework and/or work on her laptop. I'm so excited! Total cost for her new bedroom set up: $60.00 (comforter set, headboard, wall hangings/art, and paint for the desk). That's not bad!

Anyway, that was my excitement for the week. ;-) I'm at home today with a sick kiddo and one who just received shots, so it's been kind of quiet (they've been sleeping). It was a crazy morning, but the day has gotten better.

Have a good one!


deb4vols said...

Alex's bedroom looks great!! You did wonders with such a low budget!

Tara said...

Thanks, Deb! You know what the best thing about it, is? SHE (Alex) loves it! :-)

Tami said...

Nice work and great savings!

We have a sick kid at home, too. It's that time of year again. :(

I'm jealous of the peace and quiet on your end. Not here! UGH!

bmabey said...

I love to hear about bargains like that and when a "decorating scheme" comes together. Congratulations. It looks great!

Tara said...

Tami, Sorry its taken me awhile to reply, but I hope your kiddo is doing well!

Thanks, bmabey! Bargains are always great!

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