Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Step 16: Home Management Journal

Step 16


Your next assignment for your Control Journal is to start by building your contact list for emergencies. We did our immediate family members last time. Now we are going to write down the people we may need in an emergency. Starting with:

Call 911 if someone is hurt or there is a fire! If you don’t have 911 in your area, then list the numbers of the Sheriff, police, and fire Departments. Now don’t say to yourself, those are all in the front of the phone book. When was the last time you hunted 30 minutes for your phone book!

List the names and phone numbers of your family doctors.

Poison Control Center

Husband’s Doctor
Wife’s Doctor

Do not get overwhelmed by this. If you will do this now while you are calm you will have a sense of peace in those awful times of stress.

My take on it:

These are really important! We have all of these listed under important telephone numbers. We have parents, doctors, neighbors, fire department, police department, and closest relative. It’s very helpful!

Have a great day!


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