Friday, September 4, 2009

Step 14: Home Management Journal

Step 14


Today we start on one of the most important parts of your Control Journal; the area that contains your emergency contact phone numbers and other numbers. The first sheet you are going to fill out is your one simple page that gives the address and the phone number along with directions to your home. This is for your babysitter.

Keep in mind that this is for your Control Journal and it stays at home on your kitchen counter; unless there is an emergency and you have to grab it an GO! Many of our members have been so happy to have all this information in one place in times of crisis. At the top of the page say YOU ARE HERE!

My take on it:

Our emergency numbers sheet is at the beginning of Optimus Prime, right after the calendar. The names, addresses, and numbers of family and friends is toward the middle. We have the names and numbers of the girls friend’s along with the parents names and numbers (if they have separate cell phones). This is really important because we ALWAYS want to know where our kids are, who they are with, and their parents. We don’t ever let the girls go to friend’s houses without talking to or meeting their parents. It’s imperative!

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